Friday, February 05, 2010

The Library's Gerard Butler Fan

A librarian at one of the libraries I frequent heard me mention that I wanted to watch Gamer because Gerard Butler stars in that violent action flick. Not my normal type of movie. Hers either, but she is a rabid Butler fan and so we discussed his various movies for a few minutes.

The next time I came into the library, I found this note affixed to my stack of requested items.

"Lisa -
For my Gerard Butler fan. Check out Dear Frankie and Attila the Hun DVDs. Good Chick Flicks!
Christine, The Library's Gerard Butler Fan"

Are you giggling? I was! LOL We then had a chance to talk about those films in particular, which I'd already seen (of course!) and loved. Dear Frankie is a lovely movie and Gerard is particularly charming in it, especially because of his Scots accent shining through. Too many movies don't feature that. Attila the Hun is not a particularly good movie, but I enjoyed Gerard in that one as well.

And Gamer? Interesting premise. Pretty gory, in a video-game sort of way, but not the worst I've seen. And yes, Gerard is worth watching.

When I told Christine the Librarian about the upcoming Gerard Butler project in which he'll play Robert Burns, the Scottish poet, she seemed to have heart palpitations. Seems that, next to Butler, her reigning passion is poetry. Here is an article and another.

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