Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Lake House (2006)

If you have read Mirkwood Reflections much in the past, you may have noticed this writer has a slight fondness for a certain actor whose name means "Cool Breeze Over the Mountains". So, The Lake House has been on my list of highly anticipated movies for quite some time!

This movie did not disappoint! I've viewed it twice now, and I will say that the second time was better, even though I knew the plot already. I could simply relax and enjoy the beauty of the movie. *ahem*

Yes, I did mention the plot, which involves a magical mailbox. Did I mention it has holes big enough to drive Alex's pick-up truck through? Um, ok. It really does have some problems with continuity and, well, simple reality. But, that's ok. I don't go to the movies for realism - I get plenty of that at home! I don't want to get specific, as not everyone has seen the film. It's enough to say that one needs to suspend disbelief, but that really happens automatically.

OK, the plot is covered, so on to the acting. :-D I love Sandra Bullock. I really do. Always have. I like her no-nonsense attitude and the charm she exudes. It's all here in this movie. She does the introspective thing so well, and it fits great in the mood of this movie. Christopher Plummer is excellent as the detached father figure. The supporting cast is excellent too - the mentoring female doctor, the architect brother (although he makes a lot of odd facial expressions), the lawyer boyfriend - all fit their roles well and helped to carry the movie along.

The Lake House itself is a sort of character in the film. It is what draws Alex and Kate (Sandra Bullock) together, and it has a history that plays a part in the film as well. It's a strange house - all glass walls, with a tree growing up through the middle of it! The scenery is beautiful - lots of shots of lovely Chicago architecture and beautiful autumn woods.

Now, who am I forgetting? Hmmmm..... Oh, yeah. ::smiles sheepishly:: Keanu Reeves! (Did you think I really forgot him? lol) Keanu is, of course, the male lead in the film, his first role opposite Sandra Bullock since Speed (1994). From the first moment he steps out of the aforementioned pick up truck and saunters toward the audience in a long shot, Keanu has the audience (well, the women anyway!) in the palm of his hand. Many women seem to have gained a deeper appreciation for Keanu's acting due to his role as Alex Wyler; some have even mentioned it to me, for some reason. Keanu has had some roles where his acting was a bit stilted, but this is not one of them. He smiles (never smiles as Neo!), he cries (never cries as Ted!), he kisses (I think he's done THAT before), and does it all so believably that the viewer is rooting for him before he even moves into the lake house.

Since the film is rated PG, there is no nudity and very little swearing. This is a nice romantic drama that even preteens can see, if they are interested. I'll certainly be seeing it again, and it's on my list of DVD's to purchase!

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Anonymous said...

this is def one i am curious abt
think i'll try to see it one evening when x has the boys
one review i read talked abt how when "speed" came out it looked as though sb was the one with the rising star but kr has really gone farther acting wise
good to hear she was good in it
did you see "as good as it gets"?
k was good in that

lindy said...

hey there :)
from the second I first heard about this movie I was sad because when I see it, it won't be the same with out you. I am glad you enjoyed it !!!
I am hopeful that I will like it too.


Ms_S_Snape said...

I am interested in seeing this movie to see what it is like. Let me tell you that I was SHOCKED it was rated PG. You don't get romances like THAT anymore. But I also heard it was really confusing, and I guess there are plot holes. I will probably wait to rent it. I love Keanu Reeves though! :P