Saturday, May 31, 2008

Upcoming Movies

I wrote this post for an email list and then - DING - a lightbulb moment! I can post this to my sadly neglected media review blog! So here you go.....

I saw Prince Caspian with my kids a couple weeks ago. Liked it. First one was better. (NOTE - Yeah, I know I owe y'all a review!)

Wanted to take them to see Nim's Island, but wanted to read the book to them first. Now have read the book; need to make time to see the movie IF I can still find it showing somewhere.

No plans to see Indiana Jones in the theatres, although I may be persuaded at some point if there is time (short supply here, except at 2 am). DVD will be good enough for me. I think.

Ironman is on the list to see, since my oldest (David is THIRTEEN now) wants to see it VERY BADLY. I guess I can suffer through Robert Downey, Jr. (Very Big Grin)

Let's see.... what else?

For some odd reason I REALLY want to see Speed Racer. It tanked and got terrible reviews. But I still wanna see it. No tangible reason why either.

I want to see Mamma Mia - ABBA and Colin Firth. 'Nuff said. :-) Comes out in July, as does the next Batman. The Dark Knight is definitely on my list. It doesn't look to be an easy movie to watch though, does it?

Other movies coming out this year that I have an interest in:
Accidental Husband 8-08 (Oh, look! It's Colin Firth again.)
The Clone Wars 8-08 (Pretty sure my boys are going to beg for this one)
Time Traveler's Wife 11-08 (read the book and it's excellent!)
Quantum of Solace 11-08 (James Bond)
Twilight 12-08 (read the book and I think I'll like the movie more)

Get Smart and Wall-E both look intriguing. Brendan Fraser has a couple of movies coming out (Journey to the Center of the Earth and a Mummy sequel).

Keanu is in a movie coming out in December - a remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. I have no concept of what it will be about, nor if I will bother to see it. Did not make the effort to see Street Kings. (Yep, can you believe it? I declined a film starring Keanu Reeves.)

OK, my outlook went way beyond summer! LOL

Here's an interesting "article" and some pics. 41 Reasons We're Psyched About Summer

Your "Shallow Moviegoer" Reviewer

Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Reads

Ten books read was my accomplishment in April.

Claire Knows Best by Tracey Bateman - 04/05/08
Good - Inspirational
Claire and Greg are a great couple, but remodeling, career difficulties, and misbehaving children wreak havoc in their relationship. Will she be able to trust God through it all?
This is the sequel to a book I read back in December. It's not your typical Christian fiction - much more REAL (in some ways).

A Season of Forgiveness by Brenda Coulter - 04/08/08
Good - Inspirational
Sam, an adventure junkie, saves Tori's life. Are their lives too different or can they overcome their differences and have a future together?
I loved the other Coulter book I read - Finding Hope. This was also good, but not as compelling. It is from the Love Inspired series.

Charley's Web by Joy Fielding - 04/12/08
Good - Suspense
Charlotte Webb, a newspaper columnist, has the opportunity to write a book about a murderer of 3 small children, but her own 2 children are threatened.
I enjoy Fielding's books because I can never tell where they are going and the ride there is very entertaining.

Kill the Messenger by Tami Hoag - 04/15/08
Good - Suspense
Jace Damon is a bike messenger who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and now someone is trying to kill him.
I liked Jace a lot! Very interesting and unusual main character.

I Love Claire by Tracey Bateman - 04/18/08
Good - Inspirational
Claire and Greg's wedding date is set, but are they really meant to marry?
The third (and final?) book in the Claire series.

The Survivor's Club by Lisa Gardner - 04/20/08
Good - Suspense
3 victims of a serial rapist form a Survivor's Club and are instrumental in the case against him.
This was a good read for a weekend - absorbing.

The Sleeping Doll by Jeffery Deaver - 04/23/08
Excellent - Suspense
Kathryn Dance, a CBI agent and kinesics expert, interrogates Daniel Pell and then tracks him down in his subsequent escape.
This was on my original 888 list - Favorite Authors category. This was a great Deaver, even if it isn't about Lincoln Rhyme. (He and Amelia have a cameo appearance though. lol) Dance is a kinesics expert which means she studies body language and communication to detect whether someone is telling the truth. Quite interesting! I hope we get more of her stories.

Threadbared by Kimberly Wrenn & Mary Watkins - 04/26/08
Fair - Non-fiction
Decades of Don'ts from the sewing and crafting world – photos accompanied by sassy snarky commentary.
I got this from Paperbackswap because I had stumbled upon a website by the authors which showcased humorous and insane crafts from the past. The book, however, was definitely snarky, risque, and even just plain crude. Too bad.

Carrot Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke - 04/29/08
Fair - Mystery
Lisa's long lost uncle returns but is murdered. Hannah and her friends are afraid Lisa's senile dad committed the murder, so investigate to solve the mystery.
I think I'm done with Hannah and her bakery crew. The writing is pedantic and the plot just plods along. No more for me, thanks. (However, this book garnered MANY comments on the title when I took it with me to work - far more than any other book I've ever taken. I had to explain the series to a number of my coworkers! lol) I think this was on my 888 list too. Must check.

The Making of Pride and Prejudice by Sue Birtwhistle & Susie Conklin - 04/30/08
Good - Non-fiction
Details of how Austen's Pride and Prejudice was transformed into 6 episodes of BBC drama
Of course, this is one of my favorite movies. I didn't buy the special edition that came with this book, but luckily for me, I got it at the library. Isn't interlibrary loan wonderful? Interesting book covering all aspects of filming.

So what have YOU been reading lately? What? NOTHING?