Tuesday, February 09, 2010

January Reads

Eight books in January and most of them very satisfying!

The Eyre Affair
by Jasper Fforde - 1/7/2010
Good - Sci-fi
Thursday Next, a British literary detective, has to track down the thief of a stolen Dickens manuscript.
Darlene told me about this series and it sounded intriguing. I enjoyed it, mostly because of all the literary references and how the story sets itself on its ear.

Nanny Returns by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus - 1/8/2010
Good - Fiction
Twelve years after Nan was fired, Grayer comes back into her life as a troubled sixteen-year-old who asks her to help his seven-year-old brother.
I chose this because I'd read The Nanny Diaries and found it horrifyingly mesmerizing, mostly because of the way the family treated their son. Now the family has two sons, but I found this story much less believable, though still interesting.

A Bride in the Bargain by Deanne Gist - 1/11/2010
Excellent - Inspirational Romance
Joe Denton needs a wife to keep his land in 1860's Seattle, so he purchases a mail order bride, who turns out to be Anna Ivey, an Easterner who has no intention of marrying.
Deanne Gist writes wonderfully edgy Christian romances. I have greatly enjoyed each one of hers that I've been able to find. Thanks to my mom for telling me about her! If you have never read Christian romance or stopped with Janette Oke, give Gist's novels a try. I think you'll be surprised by the "real" situations her heroines find themselves in, as well as the look she gives into the heart of her characters.

Deeper Than the Dead by Tami Hoag - 1/18/2010
Good - Mystery
Several 5th graders discover a dead woman in the local park, the apparent work of a serial killer.
What a difference from the previous book. :-) I like reading about how serial killers are caught, fictional or true crime.

The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain - 1/21/2010
Good - Classic
Tom Canty, a pauper in 16th century London, accidentally trades places with his look-alike, the heir to the throne of England.
This was the Rollicking Readers book club choice for January. FAR better than I anticipated, this story is not much like the Barbie movie, Princess and the Pauper. LOL Now I am reading it aloud to my kids.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins - 1/22/2010
Excellent - Young Adult
Katniss and Peetah must travel to each of the Districts on the Victory Tour, but if they can't convince the Capitol they are still in love, terrible things could happen to their loved ones back home.
This was the second book in the series, which I was very glad to find since the first (Hunger Games) ended so obviously in need of a sequel. But this one? ARGH! Oh no! CLIFFHANGER ending! Loved the book, and can't WAIT for the third one.

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey - 1/23/2010
Good - Young Adult Read Aloud
Menolly struggles with the forbidden desire to play her music, then finds a cache of fire lizard eggs after she runs away.
This was the read-aloud for my kids. The boys enjoyed it and the girls didn't at all! I'd read it as a teenager and was interested in seeing what I'd found enjoyable back then.

Thirsty by Tracey Bateman - 1/30/2010
Good - Inspirational
Nina is struggling with alcoholism, her rebellious teenage daughter, and her unrequited love for her ex-husband when she moves back to her hometown after 17 years.
I was very interested in this before it came out, as it was being promoted as the Christian alternative to Twilight, at least in some circles. It wasn't like Twilight at all, though there is a vampire element to it. Good read, but not really a book that would interest teens.

I'm challenging you to leave me a comment with the titleof your current read or a book you hope to start soon!

So, what are YOU reading?

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