Sunday, February 14, 2010

Film Feedback - Wk of 2/7

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Nope, I'd never watched this. HERESY WARNING - I am not a Sean Connery fan. (Apologies to all of you who just gasped aloud.) And the print ads I'd seen didn't interest me. But someone mentioned to me the other day that the "extraordinary" in the title really refers to super-hero-type qualities. Oh really? Like the X-men? Kind of. OK, then, I'll give it a watch. 'Twasn't bad!

Chose it because I couldn't find anything else new at the library that I hadn't already watched. Premise - 1st murder in Antartica and female US Marshal has to investigate quickly or be left behind for 6 months of Antartic winter. I sort of stopped paying attention about halfway through.

Finished watching Season 1 and I liked the latter episodes better than the first ones. Sometimes a season needs some time to get going. I really like how involved of a dad Castle is, I like the fact he's an author, and I do like the wordplay and flirting between Castle and the detective (Becket, right?) What I DON'T like are the gory beginnings with the intro of each episode's murder. VERY disturbing. I find I can't look at the screen.

Picture Perfect
Didn't realize how old this movie was (1997) when I snatched it at the library 5 minutes before closing. The clues were the humongous mobile phones. LOL And then about a half hour in, I started feeling like I'd seen it before. Soon after, I realized, yep! I have seen this before. Ultimately a forgettable movie, I guess. And Kevin Bacon as the bad boy romantic character? Ewwww....

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Christy said...

Steve and I enjoy Castle!