Sunday, February 22, 2009

OSCARS - My commentary

I haven't made a habit of watching the Oscars in recent years, but Hugh Jackman hosting was a draw I couldn't ignore. So, here are some of my thoughts thus far.

LOVED Hugh's opening number. The man can sing AND dance. What an intimate seating arrangement this year too - the front row is just a step from the stage! Anne Hathaway was delightful in her cameo.

I turned off the acceptance speech from Milk's screenwriter because my children were still in the room and he was going on about gay marriage. I did understand his heartfelt comments, however, and I read somewhere that he stated, rightly, that God loves everyone - gay or straight. True enough.

Because I hadn't yet turned it back on, I missed Wall-E winning Best Animated Film. I had really hoped Bolt might come out of left field and win. I enjoyed that film so MUCH more than Wall-E, but David was pulling for Wall-E.

I enjoyed the romance montage, other than the now apparently obligatory homosexual kiss.

Got a kick out of Ben Stiller dressed as Joaquin Phoenix per his appearance on Letterman.

The musical IS back! LOL Loved that song-and-dance number with Jackman and Beyonce, also featuring Zac Efron and his costar from HSM3 and Dominic Cooper (ditch the beard, Dom!) and Amanda Seyfreid from Mamma Mia.

I'm getting tired of hearing about Benjamin Button and seeing all those awards going to that film. Maybe once I've seen it, I'll understand? Those who have seen it tend to use words like "odd" to describe it. I wasn't thinking I'd ever really get around to it. But three awards says something, I suppose!

Annoying was the word for Bill Maher's thinly disguised rant that his film Religulous wasn't nominated for Best Documentary. (It wasn't the best one, Bill. Sorry.)

Will Smith was great! Who hasn't stumbled over their words and who couldn't wish for as great a recovery as Will's?

Loved the Jerry Lewis tribute. It made me cry and want to go watch Jerry Lewis movies, and I'm not really a fan of physical comedy! His longtime commitment to finding a cure for MD is commendable!

Also teared up a bit at Heath Ledger's win for Best Supporting Actor (The Dark Knight). His family accepted the award. I couldn't help thinking that, wherever he is now, he probably doesn't care a bit about getting the statuette.

OK, how about the gowns? Fashion? Loved Queen Latifah in navy, Penelope Cruz in sixty-year-old ivory and lace, Miley Cyrus - all tiered and beaded. Wow, there were a lot of white, ivory, champagne, and silver, grey, platinum dresses! I'm not crazy about one-shoulder gowns and there were a lot of those!

So, that's it! I was glad I watched. I've put Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire (total 8 awards!) on my Netflix Q, as well as Benjamin Button.

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