Sunday, March 21, 2010

Film Feedback - Wks of 3/7 & 3/14

April 7 - I just realized I never posted this despite writing it on March 21. So, here you have it. lol

Last week, I only watched ONE movie. I know - can you even believe it? Not only that, it was a movie I've seen lots of times already - The Proposal. One of my new favorites. IMDB

This past week, I did manage a few more.

Went to the theater to see The Bounty Hunter. It was just ok. The funny moments were almost all in the trailer. I felt like Gerard Butler's character was too flawed to be a convincing romantic lead, though I do enjoy watching him on film. I like Jennifer Aniston too, and the supporting cast was also enjoyable. I felt like a lot of it was a rip off of Stephanie Plum - right down to the big blue classic car that Stephanie has to drive. But it was a nice outing with a friend, even if it was a rather forgettable film. IMDB

Our book club selection this month was Wuthering Heights, so last night we watched the newest film version (2009). The filmmakers made Heathcliff and Catherine FAR more sympathetic than they are in the book. In fact, the book has almost no likable characters at all. It does tell the story of the second generation, which apparently many film versions leave out. We were amused, as always, by identifying where we'd seen the actors previously, commenting on the costumes, the facial similarities of the actors to other famous people, and the differences between book and film. In short, we rollicked. IMDB

I also made time to finally watch New Moon (from the Twilight series). It was better than the Twilight movie in a number of ways, and I am looking forward to watching it with my posse so we can rollick it too. Heh heh IMDB

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