Monday, June 15, 2009

A to Z Website Meme

Found this meme on my friend Penny's blog. Each letter is to stand for websites, urls, etc, that you frequent. This should be interesting...

B - Blogger
C - Cake Wrecks
D - Dressup Me (Suzy goes here)
F - Facebook
G - Gmail
I - Image search @ Google
L - Lego (that'd be my sons)
N - Netflix
O - Oakland Comm. College Job Postings
P - Picasa
R - Retail Me Not (coupon code site)
T - Tracfone
V - Voyages of the Artemis (Diana Gabaldon's blog)
W - Weather
Y - Youtube
Z - Zazzle (to find fan-made tee's and other items)

Now, I better go get some REAL work done! lol

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