Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RedBlog Review of Twilight

I have read a few reviews of the Twilight movie and most of them don't even address movie issues at all - focusing instead on the plot. The rest of the reviews are either written by obsessed fans, thus being totally slanted (for OR against), or by people who haven't read the books at all, thus missing the point of the series.

Here is the one of the only balanced reviews I have read - at the RedBlog. I'd love links to any reviews of Twilight that present both its positive and negative points.

My thoughts on the review: This is the one of the only reviews of Twilight: The Movie that actually addressed aspects of the film itself. Most of the reviews I've read focused on how unrealistic/annoying/strange the storyline is. That's a BOOK issue, not a movie issue; sorry, critics! One review compared Pattinson to James Dean - HELLO? That is just silly. Twilight is a sub-par film based on a first novel with a cultish following. I read all 4 books and enjoyed them, but I'm not obsessed with them. I also had low expectations for the movie and was quite disappointed.

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