Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mini Reviews - Weeks of April 4 and 11

Titanic National Geographic special
This was really interesting - about how many errors were involved in the sinking of the Titanic. From the inferior iron rivets to a insulting comment made by the radio operator, so many tiny things contributed to the sinking of the great ship. It helps that I have been fascinated by the Titanic since I first heard of it as a child.

Law-Abiding Citizen
Found this one really distasteful. I don't watch a lot of "R" movies and this would be a good example of why not. Really gory vigilante justice film. Even Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx didn't save it. Save your time.

Alice in Wonderland
Watched this in the theater with my sister - her treat! Thank you, Janet! It was rather surreal, but that comes with the territory, eh? Both Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton fit that category neatly. A beautiful film - lots of vivid colors and interesting things to look at.

Sherlock Holmes
Not as good as I'd hoped, but maybe I was too tired to appreciate it fully. I did like it a lot, but I thought I'd adore it. But it was full of action and an interesting plot, with some super actors.

Welcome to Paradise
An "inspirational" film with Crystal Bernard and Brian Dennehy - I found it very rewarding to watch, though rather corny in spots and amateurish in its editing. Great message and I had the kids watch it too and they liked it.

Alice (2009 miniseries with Tim Curry)
Haven't quite finished this 3 hour miniseries yet, but it's an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Lots of famous faces including Tim Curry and Kathy Bates. I'm enjoying it.

Date Night
Went to the theater to see this with a friend -we both enjoyed it. You may too, depending on how you like your humor. ( Way more action in this film than I anticipated - it isn't a formulaic romantic comedy. Tina Fey and Steve Carell both were brilliant but understated and Mark Wahlberg was quite something to see. Taraji P. Henson was great as a no-nonsense police detective. And a great message made the movie really worthwhile.

The Breakfast Club
Watched this with David. Was surprised to realize this movie was rated "R". Didn't remember that! LOL Perhaps I've seen it so often edited for television that some of the more objectionable parts were edited out. Since we were watching on Netflix Instant, we got the full version, well worth the "R" rating for 1985 but a masterpiece nonetheless. How we get into the heads of each of the characters is quite amazing and I think the ending is perfection. We don't get to see a "happily ever after" - we get to wonder what happens on Monday. It's surely different watching this from a parent's perspective instead of a teen. I turned 19 in 1985 and in college, so was past the high school "thing" but the film delves deeper than just "high school". David doesn't even attend school (never has) but still related well to the characters and their dilemmas.

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Christy said...

I'm really starting to think our tastes in movies are even more different than I thought! I recorded Alice when it was on Sci Fi and tried to watch it, I really did. I just couldn't get into it and eventually deleted it without finishing it. And fantasy/sci fi is one of my very fav genres. I would have predicted you to hate Alice. Did you ever watch Dr Horrible?