Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some movies I've watched recently

I had a movie weekend this past weekend! lol So I have a few quick reviews for you....

David and I watched Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, which I have seen before but he had not. He enjoyed it most triumphantly. :::plays air guitar::: Bill and Ted are killed by two evil Bill and Ted robots sent from the future. They travel to hell and make a deal with the Grim Reaper. If they can win a challenge, they can return to earth and try to save the Princess Babes. Yeah, an odd plot. The first movie is definitely better, so if you found their Excellent Adventure bogus, then you'll think the sequel is non-non-heinous. Dude. ;-) I am just happy to watch a young Keanu. lol

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (Veggie Tales) was playing at a local theatre that offers free kids matinees on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the spring. This had never come to the theatre we usually go to and I really wanted to take the kids to see it. Since we had soccer on Saturday, we skipped church (hears gasp from crowd) and took the kids to see it on Sunday morning. Everyone in our family liked it and several of the kids LOVED it. I don't understand the families who say their kids are "too old" for Veggie Tales. There is something in Veggie Tales for everyone - clever wordplay, adventure, humor, slapstick. My thirteen-year-old son loved it. And this isn't because he only watches kiddie movies. (See above review about Bill and Ted.) Anyway, there was a lot to like about the pirates. There was a good moral message, crafted in a funny story. There were some surprising twists (killer cheese curls, anyone?). However, the Biblical message that used to undergird all VT videos is gone. And no Bob the Tomato, until the very very very end. But I do highly recommend it!

The Jane Austen Book Club, however, I do NOT recommend. Why not? Well, let's see. The Jane Austen Book Club is made up of the following upstanding characters: A high school French teacher who lusts after (and kisses) one of her hunky teenage students. A twentysomething lesbian who goes through 3 partners during the year or so covered in the film. A woman whose middle-aged husband man dumps her for a fling with a coworker and then decides he wants his wife back. A fun-loving woman who has had 7 marriages and the movie ends with her 8th wedding. A single thirtysomething woman who finds herself in love with a younger guy and, after much resisting the attraction, hops into bed with him right after their first kiss. Yeah, it's a soap opera for sure. They meet once a month to discuss a novel written by Jane Austen. Themes in the books are discussed and related to issues in the women's lives. Not worth the time I spent watching it, except that I was folding huge piles of clothes and therefore would have expired of boredom without it.

After the above waste of time, I stuck Marie Antoinette in the DVD player to finish the clothes sorting. I'm a sucker for a lovely period drama and this was no exception. I love this period in history - the French Revolution. Probably that's a result of seeing The Scarlet Pimpernel early in life. lol There were a lot of recognizable actors in this and it was fun seeing them dressed in period costumes, which were GORGEOUS. Kirsten Dunst was delightful as Marie Antoinette. I didn't know a lot about her and I'm still not sure how much of what I saw was based on truth. (I did read about her on wikipedia after watching this.) Her story does not end well, but it was handled very tastefully. This one is recommended.


Debbie said...

Hmmm...that Jane Austin movie sounds terrible!

Anonymous said...

thanks for these reviews!- I like veggie tales anything and would like to see the veggie pirate movie--can cross the Jane Austen movie off the list but then add Marie Antoinette :)--Janet