Thursday, February 14, 2008

DVD Storage

If you keep your DVD's in something besides the original cases, would you comment here and let me know what?

We don't have a lot of DVD's, but I long for something that takes up less space and is easier to use than the stacks of DVD's on top of the bookcase.

We have tried CD storage cases before for our CD's and they didn't prove durable. I don't want to invest in something that won't endure a bit of rough treatment. After all, I do have four kids.


Anonymous said...

There are DVD/CD albums for sale pretty much anywhere. This is what I have for all my DVD's that I burned on the computer. Basically, they're just like a slip in pocket photo album and come in any size, capacity you could desire. They can even go on a bookshelf - Christy

Denise said...

We use a CD zippered case. It's pretty good quality and our kids love paging through it, to find a movie that interests them. It takes up SO little space! I actually just boxed up their DVD cases a couple of weeks ago and I won't ever go back to those things. They take up way too much room.