Wednesday, April 02, 2014

March Reads

The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien - 3/6/2014
Excellent - Fantasy 480 pages - Audio 19 hrs and 11 mins
Frodo Baggins, a hobbit of the Shire, inherits a dangerous magic Ring which must be destroyed, so he sets out on a quest accompanied by 8 companions.
James requested to read Lord of the Rings for literature, so I decided to read along with him. He read it much faster than I did. I actually found it difficult to get through FOTR this time around, which is at least my 4th reading of this book. Maybe next time I'll be in the mood.

Fates: I Bring the Fire Part IV by C. Gockel - 3/21/2014
Good - Fantasy 407 pages - Kindle
Amy Lewis and Bohdi Patel team up with Thor to find Loki who hasn't been seen for two years.
I adore C. Gockel's modern mythology of the Nine Realms. Yes, I started reading because of Loki. But I kept reading because of her interesting take on the mythology as well as her capable and compelling storytelling. 

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen - 3/25/2014
Good - Fiction 368 pages - Audio 11 hrs and 26 mins
Nonagenarian Jacob Jankowski reflects back on his wild and wondrous days with a circus.
I've wanted to read this ever since I realized it was written during National Novel Writing Month which I have participated in for several years. The audio performance was masterful and I enjoyed the story very much, despite the indelicate parts.

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World by Paul Miller - 3/27/2014
Excellent - Inspirational 280 pages - Kindle
3rd re-read of this practical and insightful book on prayer.
A slow re-read through this book has enriched my prayer life and made me think even more deeply about what prayer means. I will read it again for certain. If you haven't read it, you should!

What are YOU reading?

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