Friday, June 07, 2013

May Reads

I only managed two books in May. A busier month I can't remember.

  • Two birthdays - husband and youngest daughter
  • The end of the 2012-13 school year (we homeschool)
  • Mother's Day
  • A spring banquet for my oldest daughter
  • A day at the opera with my oldest child
  • Our quarterly karate test 
  • Our first visit to Motor City Comic Con - hotel stay #1
  • Soccer, soccer, and more soccer (3 kids playing - 2 on travel teams)
  • A soccer tournament out of town - hotel stay #2
  • An all-day planning meeting for our homeschool group
  • Oldest daughter exhibited in an art show
  • The three oldest kids worked several days at a local vineyard
  • Taught an all-day essay writing seminar
  • Worked my regular 20 hours per week every week
  • My son's high school graduation
Whew! I am exhausted all over again!

The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner - 5/11/2013
Good - Young Adult - 416 pages, listened to the Audiobook
Read by Tom Hiddleston - 'nuff said. OK, maybe that's not enough for you. Maybe YOU'RE not a rabid Hiddlestoner. You might not even know who he is! (He is the actor whose most well-known role is probably Loki in The Avengers and Thor.) The Red Necklace is a young adult novel about the French Revolution. I will admit to mainly just listening for the pure pleasure of having Mr. Hiddleston read aloud to me. But actually it's an entertaining novel about a young magician's assistant and the daughter of a French aristocrat. This may be a bit iffy for some of my readers since it is focuses on the mystical (or occult). I enjoyed it enough to want to hear it again for the plot.

Dyslexia Tool Kit for Tutors and Parents: What to Do When Phonics Isn't Enough by Yvonna Graham and Alta Graham - 5/28/2013
Excellent - Non-fiction - 133 pages, read on the Kindle
Collection of over 20 practical techniques to help dyslexic students improve reading skills
Within the last year, I realized that my youngest daughter, now age 11, is probably dyslexic. This led me to believe that my oldest son, now age 18, is probably also dyslexic. I don't see a value in having them tested, but I was on a search for new ways to work with them. This book, referred to me by a good friend, was free on Kindle and I downloaded it. I read it slowly, just taking one technique at a time. I have used several of them with good success for my youngest child. I highly recommend this book, even at full price.

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