Thursday, December 30, 2010

2009 Movies I Finally Saw

Here are some movies that came out in 2009 that I saw on DVD during the past year. My reactions are given and I've put the ones I recommend in BOLD to make it easy on ya!

Amelia - bleh
An Education - bleh
The Blind Side - LOVED IT!
Bright Star - LOVED IT!
Couple's Retreat - a stinker
Dance Flick - a few laughs, but mostly distasteful
Extract - Yuk
Fame 2009 - Boring
The Hurt Locker - Turned it off a few minutes in
Ice Age 3 - can't remember if I actually watched it or if the kids just did, lol
The Lovely Bones - SO suspenseful!
Me And Orson Welles - Very good
New Moon - um, well... It was Twilight.
New York I Love You - a stinker
Pippa Lee - good acting, rotten story
Precious - same thing as Pippa but worth watching
Sherlock Holmes - enjoyed very much!
Star Trek 11 - liked it far more than I imagined I would
Up in the Air - liked it until the ENDING - AUGH!!
Where The Wild Things Are - loved it!
Whip It - very compelling
The Young Victoria - A WONDERFUL MOVIE!

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