Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rollicking Readers - Frankenstein

Rollicking Readers Book Club had another great meeting last night! Only a few of our normal crowd was able to be there - seven of us, to be exact. We had a lovely dinner together on the patio. The husband of our hostess grilled chicken and burgers for us.

Our book/film of the month was Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a little departure from our ordinary reading material, considering our book club was formed to read through all six of Jane Austen's novels. But we completed that task and are pressing on to other classics.

Our discussion was held after dinner and was lively and intelligent - lots of great points were brought up. (And I think EVERYONE there had read the book! WTG, ladies!) For the record, I believe that just about everyone agreed that the book wasn't at all what we had imagined it to be. Rather than being gory and filled with gratuitous violence, it was philosophical and thoughtful. I'm glad I read it, especially because I wasn't really looking forward to it.

The version we chose was a 3 hour film from Hallmark (Frankenstein, 2004) touted to be a faithful representation according to the reviews we read. All the major events of the book were included, mostly in the right order, and the ending was pretty much the same. HOWEVER, the characters' motivations were changed quite a bit and some of the dialogue given to other characters. Events were added that changed the impact of other events and that was a little disappointing. The movie was also moderately graphic in the way that the book was NOT - during the creation of the monster and, later, his bride, as well as during the murders. I closed my eyes for a lot of it, though. lol

Another great meeting to add to our repertoire!

If you are local, please contact me if you are interested in our book club. I'll warn you right now - we are a crazy bunch, but we love to read and watch movies and chatter!

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