Monday, March 02, 2009

February Reads

Twice as many books are on my list in February as there were in January. Eight total this month

Mortal Danger and Other True Cases by Ann Rule 02/03/09
Good - Non-fiction (999 Category: Kindred Spirits)
Several true crime cases
Whenever I see a new Ann Rule book, I pick it up. This one was written as sort of a cautionary tale, even more so than most of her true crime retellings.

Wagered Heart by Robin Lee Hatcher 02/08/09
Good - Inspirational (999 Category: Kindred Spirits)
Bethany's preacher father has moved the family to Montana where she meets a handsome rancher named Hawk, who seems to have a chip on his shoulder about church.
Christian romance novel set in the American West in the late nineteenth century. Very enjoyable read!

Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality by Donald Miller 02/08/09
Excellent - Non-fiction (999 Category: Faith)
Thoughts and musings to stretch you on subjects ranging from grace to romance to worship.
I was all prepared not to like this because a friend had given it such a bad review. However, I found it refreshing in many ways. I was not enamored of the author's disjointed conversational writing style at first, but it grew on me!

The Note by Angela Elwell Hunt 02/09/09
Good - Inspirational (999 Category: Serendipity)
A plane crashes in Florida and a newspaper reporter has the task of finding the recipient of a note that washes up on a beach near the crash site.
Another enjoyable read. I guess this has been made into a movie. I put it in my Netflix Q.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte 02/20/09
Excellent - Classic (999 Category: Vintage Volumes)
An unloved orphan is sent to boarding school and then takes a position as a governess.
How did I never read this? I did watch a film version some years back, so I remembered many of the basic plot points. Not many surprises for me because of that. What DID surprise me was the blatant Christianity present throughout the novel. That doesn't come through in any of the film versions, according to my fellow book club members. I highly recommend this. (And Bronte is far more readable than Austen!)

Start Your Own Blogging Business by J.S. McDougall 02/23/09
Fair - Non-fiction (Not for 999)
A quick overview of how to generate income from blogging
Quick overview. Very quick. And I suspect much of the advice is already outdated. But it gives me food for thought and a place to begin.

The Borrowers by Mary Norton 02/25/09
Excellent - Childrens (999 Category - Nostalgia)
A family of 3 little people live underneath the floor of an English house around the turn of the 19th century
A lot of chapters in this little book! I read it aloud to my children, but soon realized I'd better double up on chapters or we'd be reading it until summer! They all enjoyed this classic story that I also loved as a child.

The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver 02/26/09
Good - Suspense (999 Category: Kindred Spirits)
Sheriff's deputy Brynn McKenzie is sent to check on a dropped 911 call and is soon on the run from two killers.
I love Deaver! This book is not part of the Lincoln Rhyme series, but the characters are realistic and engaging, even the criminals. A "cat-and-mouse game" is how the end flap describes the book and this is apt. Very suspenseful!

What are YOU reading!?

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