Thursday, January 01, 2009

December Reads

Nine December books! I was booking! (pun intended! lol) This made a 2008 total of 86 books, and that's the 3rd year in a row that I've read 86 - unintentionally!

Sense and Sensibility
by Jane Austen - 12/07/08
Excellent - Fiction
The classic story of two sisters – one who feels everything deeply and the other who keeps her feelings well-hidden.
I couldn't WAIT to read this, even though my book club won't be discussing it until January 31! I enjoyed it very much even though Marianne tried my patience and I think Brandon ended up with the wrong lady.

Cook's Treasure by Jennifer Cooper - 12/09/08
Excellent - Romance
Reagan Sinclair vacations in Florida and meets a mysterious treasure hunter.
My very good friend Jennifer wrote this book! I was so excited to be invited to read it!

Frontier House by Simon Shaw - 12/13/08
Good - Non-fiction
A behind-the-scenes look at the television series of the same name.
After re-watching this series recently, I wanted to read the insider view!

Northpointe Chalet (The Austen Series) by Debra White Smith - 12/21/08
Good - Inspirational
Kathy Moore, a young bookstore owner, meets Ben Tilman, a local pastor, whose father Kathy suspects of nefarious dealings. Based on Northanger Abbey.
Better than I thought it would be, although I didn't really like the main character all that much. She was much ditzier than Catherine Morland.

Buckingham Palace Gardens by Anne Perry - 12/22/08
Good - Mystery
Pitt is called to Buckingham Palace where a prostitute has been found dead.
A very good Thomas Pitt mystery novel!

Third Degree by Greg Iles - 12/25/08
Good - Mystery
Laurel Shields has just ended an extramarital affair and finds that her husband has an unexpectedly violent reaction.
This was more graphic than I prefer in a lot of ways. Also if you know me at all, you'll know that I'm not big on novels (or movies) that make the bad guys out to be the heroes. This was one of those, in my opinion.

The Gift of Christmas Present by Melody Carlson - 12/26/08
Good - Inspirational
Christine found her long-lost grandmother, but will the discovery be traumatic for them both?
I really enjoyed this! I like a nice sentimental novel around Christmas and this was perfect! Put it on your Christmas reading list for next year. Actually it's still the 12 days of Christmas right now, so go read it before Epiphany. I think I'll look for more novels by Melody Carlson.

Heartstopper by Joy Fielding - 12/27/08
Fair - Suspense
Sandy Crosbie moved to Florida with her family and then her husband left her. Now there's a serial killer on the loose.
I only rated this fair because I GUESSED THE MURDERER fairly early in the book. Usually Fielding slaps me between the eyes with an unexpected turn, but I picked up on some clues early on and figured out who it was.

A Bride Most Begrudging by Deeanne Gist - 12/28/08
Excellent - Inspirational
Constance is kidnapped and shipped to the Virginia Colony as a tobacco bride.
This was an engaging and unusual read. Yes, it's a Christian romance, so you can guess how it ends, but it was a lovely ride and a historical novel with an unusual twist. Put this one on your reading list! Thanks, Mom, for telling me about Deeanne Gist!

What will you read in 2009? Care to join me for the 999 Reading Challenge?

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