Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stardust (2007)

We rented Stardust because I had heard so many good reports about it. However, I was so totally disappointed in it that I shut it off halfway and made the kids go to bed. I thought it was PG, but after I looked it up online, I saw that it was PG-13, which explains some of why it was so inappropriate for kids. However, it was marketed as a movie that would be wonderful for children.

Now, to be totally honest here, I did not see the very beginning, as they started it before I got home. As I came in, Bob and David both told me it was a weird movie. I'm sure there is more to the plot than I am listing below, but these are the parts I found objectionable.

But this is what I gathered. Claire Danes apparently plays a star (yes, like from the sky) that fell down and Michelle Pfeiffer plays a witch who needs to cut out Claire's heart and eat it to stay young. Not only that, apparently Michelle and her 2 witchy sisters had already cut out and eaten another star's heart, which they showed in a flashback.

There's also a prince that's killing all his brothers and trying to get a stone so he can be king. All of his dead brothers follow him around as ghosts and their ghostly selves look like they did when they were murdered. Very gory.

When people started getting murdered onscreen, I became very uncomfortable letting my children view this. Emily (age 10) was scared stiff. So I shut it off.

EVERYTHING I had heard about that movie was positive. I heard nothing about cutting out a girl's heart and eating it and this wasn't a minor plot point. This was enough for me to say the movie is not appropriate for my kids. Way too much graphic stuff was present onscreen. I continue to hear positive reports about this movie and I have a hard time understanding why people would find this appropriate for children.

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