Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Catch-All Post

Sadly, I have no time for writing reviews anymore. It makes me sad. I wish I had LOTS of time for it. So, here is my one sentence per movie, catch-all post of some of the movies I have seen recently.

Memoirs of a Geisha (The book was better, although this was beautifully filmed!)

Sky High (Story of a high school for developing superheroes; my kids just loved it. I thought it was OK.)

(Thoughtful and sweet; Gwyneth Paltrow plays a mathematics student whose father was a genius gone crazy. Jake Gyllenhaal is his earnest student. )

Matchstick Men (Nicholas Cage plays a con man who learns the value of family. I would have hated this if not for the last 5 minutes.)

Pieces of April (Katie Holmes (yes, Tom's Katie) plays a young woman estranged from her family. She hosts Thanksgiving dinner and everything goes wrong. It sounds hokey but it is actually very sweet and touching.)

Music of the Heart (Meryl Streep plays a violin teacher at a Harlem Elementary School. Based on a true story. Seeing all those kids learn to appreciate music really touched me!)

Yours, Mine and Ours (Better than I thought it would be! My kids enjoyed it too.)

Drumline (The best parts of this marching band saga were the drum solos and the marching band shots. The love story was silly, but I think it is worth a viewing!)

Walk the Line (From the buzz, I figured this would be totally mesmerizing. It wasn't. I've never really been a Johnny Cash fan, although I AM a Joaquin Phoenix fan. Maybe it was the relative normality of watching it in my living room and not on the big screen. I DID think Reese Witherspoon was charming as June Carter Cash, although I don't really know much about her in real life. I did like the movie, just wasn't bowled over by it, as I had planned to be. Oh well. And that was WAY more than one sentence!)

Flightplan (Another movie I had thought would be MORE than it was. It was a perfectly adequate thriller and I didn't guess how it would end, so that's always good.)

Ladder 49 (Now THIS one made me cry! I cried just about all the way through it! But it was such a GOOD movie! Another Joaquin movie, actually!)

Regency House Party (I love those PBS "House" Specials and this was from one of my all-time favorite historical time periods!)

Millions (Rotten movie that pretends to be a movie for kids and isn't at all! I didn't even let my kids watch it all.)

Thumbsucker (Touching movie about a teenage boy who sucks his thumb and wants to stop. The cures turn out to be worse than the problem and pretty soon he wishes he could go back to the way it was. Deserves its "R" rating. And, oh yeah, Keanu Reeves plays the orthodontist.)

Ok, that takes me back about 6 weeks! I've watched a lot of movies! And those are actually just the Netflix movies, not any I watched from the library or anywhere other than home! :-)

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owlhaven said...

I liked Yours, Mine & Ours too
Mary, mom to many