Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sahara (2005)

Dirk Pitt!!! A Dirk Pitt movie!

I have enjoyed Clive Cussler's novels since I read
Raise the Titanic in high school. Dirk Pitt is the hero of Mr. Cussler's novels, an explorer for NUMA - the National Underwater and Marine Agency. I haven't read many lately, but perhaps I should!

Then I found out that Sahara was a Dirk Pitt movie and I was excited! But it didn't get very good reviews, so I didn't bother seeing it in the theatre. When it came out on DVD, however, I was RIGHT THERE waiting. Netflix sent it promptly.

Sahara is the story of a World Health Organization (WHO) doctor who is tracking down the source of some mysterious disease in Africa. She is attacked by an evil stranger, but then rescued by none other than Dirk Pitt himself (played in Sahara by Matthew
McConaughey). Of course, they go on to track down the source of this disease, facing tons of obstacles, villains, and SAND. Dirk himself is in Africa on the track of an Civil War ironclad ship that disappeared over a hundred years ago.

I'm not sure why Sahara got such bad reviews. I found it very entertaining. Of course, it's not realistic, but it's an ACTION MOVIE! An ADVENTURE! I don't think we watch movies to be reminded of real life, do we? At least not all of the time!

Steve Zahn plays Al Giordino, Dirk's friend and colleague. I found their relationship very believable, as well as fodder for lots of fun moments in the film. Al gets to be the comic relief, but he also gets to play a large part in the success of the mission. He loves his hats and he is great with firearms! :-) Can you tell I like Mr. Zahn? ;-)

As my sister Debbie mentioned in her 'review' of the movie, Lambert Wilson has a role in this film. It is always interesting to see him as he played such a lovely villain in The Matrix: Reloaded - The Merovingian.

I'm not usually a huge fan of chase scenes, but I thought the boat chase scene was unusual enough to be watchable! There were so many cool moments throughout the movie - yes, they were unbelievable, but that's fine with me!

I watched this movie twice before I sent it back to Netflix and once it was gone, I wished it wasn't. It was a great movie! Then again, maybe it was just Steve Zahn. :-)

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