Saturday, January 29, 2005

Miracle (2004)

I am definitely not a sports enthusiast. Nope, the closest I get is watching my own kids play soccer. (Actually I was duped into coaching soccer this year too, but that's another story.)

However, Miracle is more than a sports movie. To me, it was a movie about becoming all you can become. It's about teamwork and overcoming differences.

Kurt Russell plays Herb Brooks, the coach of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. In a nutshell, the team goes to the Olympics and, against all odds, wins the gold medal against the Soviets. This is one of the most memorable sports triumphs ever and makes me wonder where MY head was in 1980.

The hockey sequences are exciting and clear enough for even a non-hockey fan like me to follow. There is some awesome skating in this film! Being someone who has never really watched hockey, I was amazed at the action.

The group of young actors playing the gold medal hockey team worked together well to portray the difficulties the team members faced on their way to the Olympics.

Moments and themes that stood out to me:
-Coach Brooks pushing the team after a game even after the rink lights were shut off
-The US goalie's amazing stops and blocks throughout the Olympic games
-Coach Brooks' wife who stood by his side but wasn't a doormat
-That we barely saw the coach's children
-The assistant coach whose emotions were often written on his face
-End credits that gave the achievements of the players today - amazing bunch of guys!
-Herb Brooks died before the movie was released
-Working harder than you ever thought you could really pays off.


Despite this movie being so long (138 minutes), I am going to let my children watch it if they like. There is mild profanity in the film, according to (I tend to block that out as I watch, so rely on the accuracy of screenit. ) It is rated PG. I think that the message of determination and hard work is worth any shortcomings the movie may have. Also the hockey games are quite exciting, which I think David will enjoy.

I will try to remember to include links to the movies at IMDB and at the end of each of my reviews.

How's that for my first film review here at Mirkwood Reflections?


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Niffercoo said...

Lisa watched a sports movie!! We'll convert you to sports fan before you know it! I'll have to add it to my netflix queue! Sounds like one Russ and I will both enjoy!